One-stop medical assistance solutions in Indonesia

We provide various medical assistance services, specializing in air medical transport, both domestically within Indonesia and international routes. To complement our service range, we also offer ground ambulance support and overland medical transportation.

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Two paramedics perform medical evacuation by putting injured man on a stretcher
our services

Comprehensive and integrated medical assistance

Medical Evacuation

​A comprehensive, high-quality medical evacuation (medevac) solutions for patients and families seeking immediate medical transportation overseas or their preferred higher care medical facilities.


We offer a broad range of in-home care and support, customized to suit your personal needs and preferences. Our skilled medical professionals are committed to providing you with the highest level of care.


At present times, we understand that a safe and healthy environment is more important than ever. We offer an affordable, preventive disinfection service for aircrafts, residences, offices and public spaces.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains

At Savana Assistance, we provide repatriation service for relatives or friends of those who passed away during their stay in Indonesia to take them home or to the country where the family resides.

Medical Equipments

​We offer various medical equipment rental, in patient-ready condition, for both short-term and long-term needs. Our technicians are ready to help if you require assistance with the equipment.

Basic Life Support
and First Aid Training

Our Basic Life Support and First Aid Training teaches layperson how to respond in life-threatening situations, identify them, call for help, and also perform life-saving procedures in an emergency.

Savana Assistance nurse accompanies injured man on an air ambulance evacuation
Savana Assistance doctors and nurses, helped by airport ground staffs, moved patients into an airplane for medical evacuation using a commercial flight.
Savana Assistance doctors and paramedics evacuated a patient using a private jet.
Savana Assistance doctors and paramedics, helped by airport ground staffs, moved patients in a stretcher to a private jet.
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why choose us

Our commitment to patients across the Globe


We've been in the retrieval medicine industry for over 10 years. Our medical team is highly trained to give a fast and efficient care, even in challenging circumstances


At Savana Assistance, we are committed to providing world-class services to ensure our patients receive the best possible comfort, management and compassion.

High-quality Care

We strive to comply with adequate international standards. Good medical governance and appropriateness for aviation medicine and retrieval medicine are our strengths.

our process

Medical Evacuation in Three Easy Steps



Each request is treated with the utmost urgency and our medical team will carefully access the patient's medical condition to determine the fit to fly status and most appropriate method of transportation. The latest and comprehensive medical record is needed to complete the assessment.

Quotation and Payment

Timely quotation will be presented to the relevant stakeholders, within 1 hour of request. This quotation would include complete bed-to-bed medical transfer. Contractual Contractual clients can activate via a Letter of Guarantee, whereas upfront payment is required for non-contractual clients.


Complete documentation until activation time will be 4-6 hours for domestic and SEA flights. Real time update is provided to all stake holders. In-flight critical care monitoring, and personal handover to receiving physician at destination hospital.


What Our Patients Say

Hi dr. Val and dr. Tessa!

Thank you for the Savana Assistance for your help with this successful OP. Patient have mentioned Nurse Bagus was "great, professional, and thorough." Thank you!

Mr. DK

Savana Assistance is the best medical evacuation service we've ever come across.

Mr. HD

Great service from Savana Assistance, today's patient referral process running smoothly and safely arrived at hospital.

Mr. AA

Thank you for your impeccable service!

Mr. ND

Savana Assistance doctors and nurses, helped by airport ground staffs, moved patients into an airplane for medical evacuation using a private jet.

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