A Guide to Medical Evacuations and How They Can Benefit You

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Written by Savana Assistance
Two paramedics performed medical evacuation of a patient.

It is impossible to know when, where, or even if you will get sick or injured while traveling abroad. However, if something unfortunate does happen, being ready and knowing what to do is highly beneficial.

What is Medical Evacuation?

Medical evacuation, or medevac, is the medical transportation of a patient by air or land to the nearest appropriate medical facility by a medical professional. It may be required when the patient cannot access proper care on time.

It also helps reduce the effect of an illness/injury on the patient. For example, it may be required when a patient cannot travel long distances due to the severity of the illness.

A medical evacuation can be arranged through a medical flight (e.g., an air ambulance helicopter or commercial air) or ground transportation. Usually, an air ambulance is a specially equipped plane with a flight crew, medical staff, and paramedics or nurses on board.

How Medical Evacuation Works

The medical evacuation procedure can take a long time. However, we will attempt to give you an idea of what to expect if you ever need it.

Imagine you are on vacation in a remote part of Indonesia. Then you break your leg on accident and need an emergency medical evacuation. Once the local ambulance arrives, first responders or rescue workers will move you to the nearest clinic.

However, it may lack the required resources to care for you effectively. What should you do next?

The patient, a family member, or an attending doctor can request a medical evacuation. The medevac provider will then contact a doctor and a nurse to evaluate the patient's condition. If they think transporting the patient is necessary, they will estimate how much it will cost the person who requested it.

When emergency medical services are required, people are frequently anxious, distressed, in great pain, and need critical care. Hence, it's vital to look at the preparations of the medevac provider or air ambulance company. It guarantees that you or your loved ones receive a thorough and knowledgeable medical evacuation service.

If you are using Savana Assistance medical escort service, be sure that our staff will get to work as soon as you tell them about your injuries. In case of a medical emergency, we are responsible for ensuring that you obtain the appropriate medical assistance.

First, work with physicians and nurses.

The medical staff evaluated your situation with your attending physician. It determines whether you require a transfer to a higher level of care.

Second, detailed documentation.

Your medevac agency will arrange for your hospital admission paperwork and transportation to the hospital.

Third, patient transportation to the appropriate facility.

Our vast network of accredited air ambulance services ensures that the patient receives the adequate treatment possible during the trip. Throughout the travel, you would have access to medical professionals such as physicians, nurses, and paramedics. They could keep an eye on your health and offer pain medication if needed.

Please keep in mind that this is just an overview of the medical evacuation procedure. If you want to learn more about medical evacuation, air ambulance transport, and air ambulance cost, send us a message. We offer a personalized plan for everyone.